Gianlorenzo is a director, writer, producer, music composer and photographer born in Naples, Italy. From a young age, filmmaking and music has been hugely influential in his life. Gianlorenzo started his artistic career studying classical guitar and classical music composition at the music conservatory in Naples, and ever since the music became his core inspiration and shaped his creative way when working on films. 
Gianlorenzo studied filmmaking and acting in New York where he had the opportunity to perform as a multimedia artist at the Baryshnikov Arts Center alongside renowned musicians and performers. He then moved to Los Angeles where he gained a Bachelor of fine arts, and wrote and produced his film  Immortality in Blue in which he acted as well. The film follows a fraction of Pablo Picasso’s early life- after the news of his good friend’s death Carlos Casagemas, Pablo has to challenge himself to make the best painting to commemorate his friend's life. 
Since then, Gianlorenzo has been engaged in many films as a director, producer and composer making           The Ribbon on the Kite his latest creation.          He is now working on Off Your Heada film which deals with the absurdity of an obsessive and compulsive criminal life.